Why will anyone will want to be leaded by me?

After reading this questions more than five times, the quick and gut answer continues being the same: I don´t know. No fucking idea.

For me is not easy to face this kind of reflection by myself. Maybe now, that I have decided to start writing, is too late to start asking and have some feedback, so I will try to sort out this issue with some ideas that come to mind .

I don´t know. I don´t care

The first thing that I can say is that I don´t know if people nowadays want to be lead by me or if I am really leading. In one hand I feel that I am responsible of some projects or stuffs, but maybe just for managing and not for leading at all. In another hand, I realise that I don´t care about if people want or not be leaded by me. I have not had any dialogue like this in the past.

Humbleness. Courage. Friendship

Related with the last point, I consider crucial ask first to myself why I want to follow someone, or what skills I think that are inherent for a leader condition.

The first and main characteristic I would like to recognize is the humbleness. In my point of view, a leader has to master a knowledge, but I don´t like the “expert approach”; these kind of people who consider themselves the owners of The truth are not reliable for me.

I also consider like a great feature the courage for doing things that other can not, but also the power of these people to encourage others to change and start doing radically different things.

Reflecting about who I am following or how I can be lead, I also appreciate a close and trustful relationship. In my life, my friends have been really important, and I have followed in many times their opinion and advices. Because of this I like the theory of Friend Leadership.

As a conclusion, I think people may want to be leaded by me if I can transmit my experience and my knowledge from humbleness; I am able to make the best knowing people and challenging them, and finally I’m able to gain their trust as a friend.

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