About team-leadership and shared leading thoughts within a diverse community

After the almighty and powerful Team Mastery Iberia – Module #02 session of the masters program I’m coursing this year organized by Mondragon Team Academy (Mondragon University) and TiimiAkatemia Jyväskylä in Finland is time to reflect the learning and crystalize something meaningful to honor the hard work of the past 3 days.

Organizations seem to be zombies nowadays, they move like walking deaths… team-entrepreneurship and team-intrapreneurship brings awareness to the whole body, bringing life and breath back to them.

But, How can we lead this change and this companies? and How can we create common ground to have a shared vision on what we are doing?

 A) Team Leadership…

Team-leadership is an ingredient you need to have within your formula to success, both in the team building phase and in the search of the high performing team.

Regarding leadership within teams there is a paradox between the authority and the power: a good leader must embrace autorithy (the one given by the followers) but needs to forget about applying the power (the one given by structures, fear, business cards or hierarchies).

The most powerful way to lead is to lead from your inner values (that’s the kind of leadership that the people will be attached to) then you will be able to lead from you experiences and then leading from your knowledge. (values > experiences > knowledge)

Reflecting now on the Tiimi Akatemia way of leadership I will mention the following ones: leading by example, servant leadership, friend leadership and natural leadership. But after the Team Mastery Iberia – Module #02 new leaderships come to my mind: woman leadership, lesbian and gay leadership, animal leadership or Drac-King leadership…

B) …and Leading Thoughts

I think that in the last years and specially in the business context the mission, vision and values, they have become a bunch of marketing sentences and they don’t bring any real human values, they are just a contemporary tool for urbanites to look like they have their crazy lifes under control.

That’s why having clear and meaninful set of leading thoughts is key. Having clear leading thoughts makes you walk into the right path following your beliefs and the ones of your team, it makes you take the right decisions without even noticing for are taking them. It’s like a personal GPS for each one of us not to walk the right path.

Leading thoughts must me grounded on your identity, be coherent to your beliefs, follow your values, resonate with your aptitudes and finally they need to be put into practice with your behavior.

The key point is how to make the most operative Leading Thoughts. The key point here will be how you can be the real embodiment of those values transforming them in Living Toughts… and somehow you become a invisible leader ^_^

Just think now on this Gandhi’s “talisman sentence” as a super powerful leading though: “Whenever you have a doubt think on the poorest person you have met and see how your action will affect to him/her”

C) The team-leadership creation process:

Here the super inspiring team-leadership creation process inspired by the Nonaka and Takuichi Knowledge Creation process and co-created by the Left Bilbao team at the Team Mastery Iberia – Module #02 session in Aranzazu.

Leadership Creation Process

Leadership Creation Process

c1) The perspective as a team-coach

A team-coach is not a team leader. But however still need to lead in a different way the team to learnings, to the mistakes and the successes. The leadership that the team-coach should be applying are: friend leadership (although the team-coach is a friend, is not a friend), servant leadership and leading by example (embodying the values that want to transmit and see reflected on his team).

A key moment comes on the life of the team-coach when his team needs to face the leading thoughts creation for the 1st time (or when them need to be reviewed and redefined).

I think is role of the team-coach to lead team into a reflection of each team-member skills, attitudes and superpowers. It’s important to get a broaden understanding of oneself to then be able to be a precious member within a team and being able to handle a leadership position.

Another good exercise might be visualizing the different type of leaderships that exist and one of the are the most suitable for each team, each moment and which of them match better with the values and leading thought of the team.

Leadership Creation Process 02

Leadership Creation Process 02

 c2) The perspective as a team-learner

For a team-learner the creation of the leading thoughts of the team should be one of the key issues to success. From one side to create a shared vision and an aligned team and from the other because your clients are going to be attracted by you because of them.

Having strong leading thought, reviewing them every year at least one (updating the language itself to new generations) and your leading thoughts having and impact into your branding you will be able to have a healthy leaded team.

Iñigo Blanco (a.k.a. WhiteKaos) Team-Entrepreneur

// Special thanks to the super team-coaches team: Hanna Walden, Jose Mari Luzarraga and Johannes Partanen, the team coaches team: Idoia Valencia, Ainhoa Rodriguez and Jon Abaitua, the Left Bilbao team: Garazi Konde, Ander Izquierdo, Juan Freire and Eneko Izquierdo (the ones in charge of the Leadership Creation Theory & pictures in this post), my team mates Alex, Carlos Pineyroa, Ibai Martinez and Berta Lázaro and the rest of the Team Mastery Iberia crew for the inspiring and fruitful session at Aranzazu (Basque Country). #openknowledge #collectiveintelligence. THANK YOU! //

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