6 (+1) steps to create a powerful contemporary global community

Things are moving fast within Mondragon Team Academy and within the Tiimi Akatemia worldwide network. Just on Mondragon Team Academy we are happy to announce that we  are more than 13 team-coaches, 345 team-entrepreneurs attending different University Bachelor Degrees or Adult Learning Masters programs, with campuses operating not only in the Basque Country but in Madrid and the Nederland too and more to come soon. But…

 * Which are the key steps to create a powerful global community?

* Which core aspect should it have?

* How you can create a viral movement?

* How we can create common leading thoughts and rituals within the tribe?

Let’s try to put some light in 6 (+1) “easy” steps:

1- From Transformational Experiences to —> Integral Transformation

Is time to focus on the inner-self. Understanding deeply our gifts, passions and superpowers to really have a meaninful impact on our teams and society and to be able to interact on a wise way with nature.

“Change comes from within”

2- From Learning by Doing and Learning from Mistakes to —> Learning by Living

Not imitate life, Be life. Learn by walking your talk and pioneer new paths honoring the past and mistakes done. Take risks, 99% of the learnings they happen by making mistakes. Failure create success in long term.

“Make miskates” 🙂

“Don’t implement your leading thought, live them”

3- From Passion, Fun and Playfulness to —> Meaningful Play

Enjoy the ride, of course. But be aware about the importance of the ride. Play with the world and the people on a meaningful and respectful way.

“Work hard, Play harder”

4- From Team Entrepreneurship to —>  Meta-preneurship

Individual Level - Trinity

Individual Level – Trinity

Is not enough to be a brave entrepreneur and individual leader. To really achieve a great personal transformation, working in teams is key. Not just that, in order to be a meta-preneur you need to face three different roles in orden to perform as a team-entrepreneur: team-learning (finding learning environments to share, reflect and making mistakes), team-leading (leading a team to achieve a common goal) and team-coaching (coaching and training a team to squeeze the best of them and push them to their limits, without being part of that team).

“It takes a team, to follow your dream”

5- From Global mindset to —> Global and open knowledge sharing

Going international of “thinking global acting local” is totally necessary but definitely not enough. We need to open and share wisely the knowledge that the community is creating in ways and formats that people can make good use of it, build on it and share it.

“Knowledge is one of the only things that grows when shared”

6- From isolated nodes to —> Contemporary global community

Network Level - Trinity

Network Level – Trinity

A global community is built up based on trust and friendship. The movement the tribe and the brand compose the trinity to build a powerful networked community.

Brand is not just a logo, marketing, corporate identity or an advertising, but a set of unique meaningful values to bring security, passion, belonging, confidence and action to the community. A healthy movement grows naturally on following a viral pattern and the tribe is build up with a bunch of rituals and common ceremonies.

A network is a diffuse structure without clear borders. Some of the participants are situated in the periphery (in some ways both inside and outside) and they are essential because:
– connect with external agents and networks (hinges)
– increase diversity of knowledge

It’s important to point out that the power of a network is not just bases on its size, but also in the density (and structure) of connections and the diversity of the nodes within the network.

“we are a tribe, we are the brand, we live tribe”

… and 7: Gintonics!

Yes! Partying, having fun and drinking gintonics together is the secret weapon behind any healthy and powerful community.

“Understanding complicated matters is easy, but to understand simple things is a joyful challenge” …so you better do it with a gin-tonic in your hands.

* Are you leading any community? How you do that?

* Which are the most inspiring learning networks you now?

* How do you connect & expand the nodes of the communities you are part of?

* Which are the most meaningful social movements?

*… and which Gin do you prefer for the Gin-tonics? ^_^

Iñigo Blanco – a.k.a. WhiteKaos – Team-Entrepreneur

THANKS!!! Again here, I want to thank my colleagues from the Team Mastery Iberia Masters program, specially to Eneko Izquierdo (Eroski and MTA) for feedback on this post and Johannes Partanen (Tiimi Akatemia founder) for inspiration and framework, created by Mondragon Team Academy (Mondragon University) and TiimiAkatemia Jyväskylä in Finland for the inspiration, support and challenges.

3 thoughts on “6 (+1) steps to create a powerful contemporary global community

  1. Thank you Iñigo, well done!! just to add that all these thoughts and all these progress take us to let our invisible leader being stronger and powerfull. That means that things and successful will arrive more naturally because is our inner force what make us to do things, instead of “any kind of carrots” put in front of us. And that is much more sustainable and whealthy…

  2. I just love this post, it’s so much what I’ve thought about TA network and today’s leadership in general. Thanks, Inigo, for chrystallising and sharing your thoughts. I will follow your blog for sure in the future too!

    Hope to meet you face to face in January Tiimiakatemia’s 20 year anniversary! http://www.tiimiakatemia.fi/syntymapaivat/homepage . I’m currently working on the Anniversary project with Jyväskylä teampreneurs to help the message will be spread worldwide and that the celebrations will be something to remember always!

    Warm regards,
    Vilma Mutka
    Team Coach and Facilitator
    Mukamas Learning Design
    (mukamas.wordpress.com – currently in Finnish only)

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