Reflections from Alex Navarro in the learning journey of China and India with #minnteam

This is the transcript of the mail written by Alex Navarro to the Team Mastery Iberia Team, about his learning journey to China and India:

Dear amazing Team Mastery TEAM!!

It seems a very long time has passed from our last and my first module, I’m looking for more unlearning and learning experiences with all of you.

trip to learning journeyLast month I had the luck of joining to MINNT Team,  in their Chindia learning journey. After having magic moments with them in China, we flight to India  which has became  the best journey ever, many personal reflections came up there and I would like to share them with you.

The first feeling I had with them, remember me a lot the kind welcome you gave me in Aranzazu, maybe its MTA conduct style…

Let’s summarize the unforgettable journey:

-2 days in Kolkata with Mother Teresa association. From the different choices we had, I joined to the Children house, it’s not possible for me to explain it with words. I can only recommended it to anyone who has the  chance of doing it, even if it’s a little short and this could make you feel somehow FAKE with yourself… but at the end what you get is enormous!!!, I have never faced something similar before.

-2 days in Pune, visiting Mondragon Cooperatives, workshops and having the luck of sharing ideas with amazing Social Local entrepreneurs. People with great values, ideas, energy…

– 1.5 days  Mumbai, birth giving… emotional Check out..

During the journey I started reading a book for a recommendation of a good friend. Now back to Shanghai, I finished it and I had time to meditate of all the things I learnt during that week and all the great people I met who give me much more than I needed.

Before leaving Mumbai all of us shared what we had unlearnt and learnt during the journey and mine at that day were the following once:

– Power of love

– Power of the context

– Lack of freedom

Now I would like to share, very shortly, with all of  you few more, coming from the book which is totally connected withIndia unforgettable journey.

“A Higher Standard of Leadership”; Lessons from the life of GANDHI

It’s based in 3 commitments:

–          Committed to the TRUTH, under any difficult situation and facing with love all the opponents you will face up.

–          Committed to NONVIOLOENCE, any kind of violence that you can image at any level.

–          Apply the Code of conduct: to TREAT others as ourselves.

Apart from them many others such as:

–          Apply morality in each action of your life.

–          Leading by example

–          Serve, serve and serve to others

–          Use the Power for the benefit of the humanity, not for any personal gain.

–          …

Just to finish I would like to get this chance to highlight one from many Gandhi’s statements which is really meaningful for mer.

“The majority of our life is spent in work. If our work lacks a moral dimension, is it not likely that the moral content of the rest of our life will decline?”… Mahatma Gandhi.

Waiting for see each of you very soon…

Big hugs…

Alex Navarro

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