4D Branding

This book has been so interesting for me. It has a very special and descriptive point of view about the brands, but also real an interesting.

It takes a brand as a dynamic and always changing being. The brand is the company and the company is the brand. Nowadays all the parts of the company are inside this element.

The book says that branding something is to make it more valuable. So branding adds value.

Branding is also something that companies rarely create. They initiate them (the brand) and then the customers create the brands, because a brand is a relationship. You have to do things with your customers according to your way of being and it is so important to have different feedbacks outside and inside the company.

The brand is the way to differentiate you from others, is the company´s differentiation code.

The principal theory inside this book is the next: Building a brand in the customer´s mind always seemed to fall into your different categories or dimensions: the functional dimension, the social dimension, the mental dimension and the spiritual dimension. It takes the brand as a machine that has to act around this things. The brand has to have an action plan around all this things, because they are so related and with the progress of one, the others are progressing too. All the parts are connected because they are around the same being.

Other interesting thing of the book is the concept of the brand code. The brand code tells a story about your company. It is the business idea, the positioning, the mission, the vision and the values; all of them in one package.

Related with this is the following theory about the organization´s goals: SMART: Specific, measurable, adhierable, realistic and time-bound.

I think that reading this book has given me a very interesting knowledge about brands. I think that I have a deeper perspective about this issue and it could be so interesting to put into practice some of the theories that appear in the book (apart from the mission, the vision and the values).

I think that it could be interesting to take time to think in which is the functional, the social, the mental and the spiritual dimensions of Akkua.

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