Learning&Innovation Context based on Intersection

Why some organizations, environments or comunities are more fertile than others creating new solutions, innovations,  and leading the change?

The answer is not easy, but I would like to share some thoughts that are coming to my mind remembering the Medicci Effect book  and connect it with some inspirational experiences we have lived recently with the D.School of Stanford, Aaalto Design Factory, Medialab Prado and  of course being part of the MINN and all Mondragon Team Academy community.

The Intersection: the best chance to innovate

The author maintain that incredible breakthroughs are a result of different people from different fields coming together to find a place for their ideas to meet, collide, and build on each other  combining knowledge and practices between multiple fields, new creative insights come in it; wild ideas bump into and build up on each other.

Aalto Design Factory is a clear example of this kind of places, and describes themselves like a Passion based inspiration platform for cooperation in products and service design. Based in multidisciplinary teams coming from technologies arts, design, business students + companies.

Intersectional ideas (multiple fields) is much more powerful than Directional ideas (one field). The first on increases dastrically the chance for unusual combinations to occur something meaningful.

Building and hosting the ecosystem

Last week we meet in Madrid people from Medialab Prado, and it was a pleasure share some thoughts and challenges with them. It is nice how they explain their esence of making community learning by doing.  In this case multidisciplinarity works mixing  digital culture/technology with arts and scients.

 I ended up with some conclusion that I would like to share with you:

  • For hosting an innovative ecosystem, be good in conecting people and not just only in one specialization.
  • A learning context with a singular experience enables teams and communities to be more creative and innovative. In this sense, I strongly believe  that the only way to change is live a transformational experience with your team, sharing time and space for learning and creating together..
  • Multidisciplinarity is not only in fields; also in grade of expertise. How can we introduce begginner mindset?
  • How can we host a difuse and open (even self-organized ) structure? Besides functional divesity, be open designed carries a high level of complexity.

Fear, risk and encourage people

Get ready for failures: Succesful execution of intersectional ideas does not come from planning for success, but planning for failure. Hosts of the communities or just leaders in organizations, encourage people to interact, share, and collaborate in order to create or join projects they are excited about and keeping out all the fears.

Wathever we like or not, the proccess of innovation is dictated by random combinations of different concepts. In my opinión, it is time to focus more in the context that in the content. The better we design the ecosystem properly, the earlier the content (innovation) will come.

Let´s start to design transformational experiences with more and more intersections in our organizations!!

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