The living company

This book has been a litlle bit difficult for me because it was difficult to be concentrated during the lecture, because I need to be very concentrate to achieve all the information of the sentences. Sin embargo, I think that the book is very interesting.

It takes the company as a living being. As us, the people, Arie de Geus, the writer of the book, says that many companies are made to born, have some stages of developing, and death. There is a very poor number of companies that have survived for centuries.

I think that the theories that analyze the things which each company has to have to have a long live are very logical and acertadas. It is said that the companies have to be:

 -Sensible  with their environment, knowing how to evulutionate in these environment, and how and when they have to change their way of working and funcionar.

-Cohesive with a strong sense of identitive. To have a long period of life, the companies have to develop their concepto de marca. They have to have strong values and have to make a tribe of usuarios who think that your product is part of their live.

-Be tolerant with their environment. Personally I don´t know if the tolerance is a good concept to introduce here. I think that the honesty is a better concept here.

-Conservative in the financing. If the company is very arriesgada en su forma de funcionar, it is probably to have less period of life.

The book analyses these four habits to survive in the business environment.

Also I like the idea that defends that any company has to aspirar to win very much may and to be the lider of the market. It is better to have a very strong community than…

I think that the ideas of innovation, knowing to develop the changes and how to adapt to the fastest turbulent market of the hisitory , as the idea of create a sense of a same kind of ethic in their way of work, are very interesting and logical and are very similar to the idea of LEINN. When I was reading the book, so many times has come to me the idea of LEINN as a product that can survive so many years in the market.

Finally I have to say that maybe I don´t have understand perfectly some parts of the book, but the reflexiones and conclusions that I have thought are interesting and have gave me buen aprendizaje. I have read this book better than the first book in English but worse than the next book in English. 

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