Reflexion about the Customers & Marketing from the team coach´s point of view

As guides of the learning process of teampreneurs that create a company for learn it is so important to have a good strategy in the way we coach about the customers and marketing.

One of the keys to create good amount of learning in the teams is to have good quality projects. I think that project coaching and Customers & Marketing coaching are so related. As teamcoach I would like to invest lot of time to know the situation, objectives and challenges of the projects of the team-company I am coaching. In my opinion team coaching about customers and marketing is somehow so related with project coaching

In my experience as leinner I have notice that the more aware is the coach of the projects, the more he can help the team.

Of course, the team coach is not the one who makes the contact in the front line with the customers or the one who sells products and services for the team company.

He is the one who emphasize in the importance of the customers and creates the dynamics to improve the customers research skills, customers relationship development skills, project proposal presentation skills…

Apart from that the teamcoach has to be aware of the path of the team company, so he can help opening relationships from the back to create potential future project opportunities.

We have a challenge in our TALN: ¿Are we ordinary people creating EXTRAORDINARY things?

Maybe we need more project coaching than ever… ;))

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