What is an Entrepreneur?

“What is an Entrepreneur?” This has been the question raised by some us in the last module of TMIberia. Here I upload an aswer of some   reknown panelist & entrepreneurs in the “Entrepreneur Week” in New York City 2009. And drop some of the quotes in the video:

“They do what they want to do; All different types and personalities; Make something HAPPEN!; Make something out of nothing; Relentless; Making social change; See a vision; Dont have the fear of failure; Tremendous Optimism & Energy; You have the sense of what you need to achieve and you go out and find the way to make it work and build it; NEVER GIVE UP, THEY DON´T STOP…. EVER!

Yes, it might need an update & yes we might need a “What is a Teampreneur?” video made by us. Anybody take it like a challenge?!¿




One thought on “What is an Entrepreneur?

  1. Great Berta! I love you brought back the question!

    Here are my thoughts : When listening to this question, I remember this story based on true facts.

    There were some scientists in a very high level scientists meeting talking, debating and dialoging about life on other planets. Suddenly, one stopped and asked the council:

    – what is life?

    All the scientists started to debate about what life was and how to decide if bacterias were supposed to be life or not.

    After hours of endless debate, one raised up, smacked the table hard and said:

    – I am tired of this question. We all know the difference between a dead horse and a horse that is alive. Don’t we? So, can we move to the next question?

    🙂 :):)

    Do you think that this question has the same background as this story?

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