Team Work makes Dream Work

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The Friend Leadership Program, happened in Nakkila, Finland, January 2013

Inspired by Team Work makes Dream Work” of the Novia teamcoach Mona Bischoff, I wanted to share some reflections that I made myself over those days in which we shared with the 4º generation leinners the values, roles and responsabilities of Leadership. Some are taken from the Friendleadership Principles of Johannes Partanen and the “The New Psychology of Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power” of Haslam, Alexander S. & Reicher, Stephen D. & Platow, Michael J.

A leader is ONE OF US, is part of the group.

A leader needs a VISION, they can see a BETTER FUTURE in the NOW and in the REAL. A leader is about DOING, is about what they do for the team (values, interests,…)

Motivation versus Manipulation. Leaders have people wanting to do something. They are only leaders in the sense that their followers see them as ones. They have cohesive social power. They shape identities through Humanity. They are “identity managers“.

They have EMPATHY, credibility, righteousness and charisma.

The Identity Leadership Model. They summarize it to three R’s: Reflect, Represent and Realize. In reflection we listen to the group to understand its culture. In representation we represent the values of the group. In realization we create a world where the identity of the group is realized fully.”

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