The Team

Jon Abaitua @jonabaitua


Ana Aguirre 


Iskander Alkate


Iñigo Blanco @whitekaos


Arjen Hemelaar

Ander Izquierdo


Eneko Izquierdo

Garazi Konde

Soy la brujilla del equipo

Berta Lázaro @blazcor

DSC03347TEAMLABS/ Co-Founder. intensively working in amazing projects such as LEINN at the HUBMadrid and mixing this energy with my vocational passion to be an urban explorer with Ph+ Urbanismo Ciudadano in which we shape cities collectively with citizens. We actually just got in the news! Check what some teenagers can do with vacant land!

I truly believe in trolls.

Jordi Martí @itortv

Jordi Marti INIT co-founder, working actively in projects as INIT SERVICES and Karmacracy. Zeros and Ones whisperer, Agilist and Lean startups believer, with a big techie heart.

I truly believe that my superpowers can be used for making this a better world.

Ibai Martínez

Alex Navarro


Max Oliva @maxoliva36

Carlos Pinyeroa


Josune Prieto


Ainhoa Rodríguez


Idoia Valencia


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